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Reviews from for Regina Yeh

Regina is a considerate and thoughtful therapist, highly recommended.

​Regina is compassionate, attentive and knowledgeable in her field. YW​

Regina is great at simultaneously comforting while forcing you to reevaluate / challenge your existing perceptions. Something that I appreciated greatly was her neuroscience background, which provides a lot of interesting scientific insight into why your brain is doing the things it is. I think Regina also does a great job in marrying psychotherapy with faith driven principles (if you choose to go down that route) to help you make decisions that best fit your life goals. Would recommend if you're looking to grow yourself mentally, and are willing to have someone truly assist you. DV​

I love my visits with Regina and would highly recommend her. She's a great listener, insightful, warm, caring, and easy to open up to.  AM 

Supportive, compassionate and insightful.Less than 6 months ago AL I am new to therapy and was extremely nervous to start. Regina, was kind, thoughtful, professional and loving. She made the session a positive one, along with bringing to light the root cause of some deep issues I have buried.  CZ 

I am going through a tough part of my life, and Regina brings a tremendous insight in spiritual and secular knowledge in helping me to cope with the various traumas and self-doubt. I appreciate her compassion and honesty during our sessions. She always pushes me forward to explore my inner feelings and how my behaviors are directly related. She genuinely cares and I am blessed by her commitment and wisdom. DL 

Having been a client for about a year, Regina was a fantastic therapist throughout. She consistently brought insight to our sessions that guided me towards more positive self-talk and helped overcome my hesitation to make several decisions which have greatly improved my quality of life. In particular, her thoughtfulness surrounding self-worth and interpersonal relationships helped me take charge of some issues I was "just dealing with", improving on them and gaining the courage to leave situations I should've left long ago. I'm continually grateful for our time together and wholeheartedly recommend Regina.  AF 

Reviews from

Regina is awesome. She always help me see things from a better prospective. She gives me effective tools and methods to improve my mental health. I would highly recommend her to anyone. S.H.·Mar 26, 2022 

Regina is a wonderful therapist. She listens well and is very good at identifying my core wounds/areas of grief. I am very grateful for Regina and definitely recommend her. B.A.·Jun 28, 2021

Regina is thoughtful and supportive. She's helped me sort things out.M.I.·May 24, 2021

Regina has helped me navigate my emotions and make changes in my life to better deal with stressful situations. She has made such a difference in my life and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. She is very kind, gentle, and supportive! She has listened to all my concerns and worked with me to improve my overall well-being! She is awesome!C.O.·May 11, 2021

I got an appointment quickly at a time when I needed her most. Thank you for all of your help.K.I.·Feb 25, 2021

Regina is knowledgeable and patient. She listens actively, pays attention to body gestures, and asks probing questions to uncover the underlying feelings and thoughts. She is super supportive and knows a wide range of psychology topics. Most importantly, she cares about her client very much!J.I.·Jan 31, 2021

Regina is absolutely amazing! She has opened up so many emotions I didn’t realize were hiding underneath. She guides with such great insight and questions allowing me to reframe my thoughts. M.E.·Dec 02, 2020​
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